Impactful Project Management

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This 2-day practical course is designed to give you everything you need to manage your project even if you have never seen a Gantt chart. With an emphasis on real-world experience, this training will give you practical tools and skills that you can start using immediately.

It includes an overview of the "LENSES" of Project Management along with dozens of TIPS and TECHNIQUES that will help you to focus your resources effectively, drive good decisions, communicate well with stakeholders, manage your time and avoid burnout for you and your team.

The training is built around beautifully illustrated cartoons which explain the concepts, tips and techniques of traditional Project Management and include the latest thinking and ideas from Agile, Scrum, Design Thinking, Behavioural Economics and people-centred management.


- Covers the basics in an entertaining and engaging way with tailor-made illustrations and activities created specifically for this course

- 20+ expert tips to help you avoid the pitfalls of poorly managed projects

- 20+ Practical, easy to use techniques that will transform the effectiveness of your team

- Build a network of Project Management peers

- Start your Project Management learning library with 5 engaging books specifically curated to help you build your skills and knowledge*


James Louttit is a Project Management expert and award-winning technology leader. He has coached and trained over 350 Project Managers in roles including project management competency lead at Bank of Ireland through Accenture and Chief Information Officer at Cpl. He’s worked in the trenches delivering a wide range IT projects for clients all the way up to C-Level, leading the IT strategy for a major PLC. He now works as an expert in Agile Transformation, a guest lecturer, author, Vlogger and public speaker.

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