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This Cyber Skills: Systems Architecture Security, is a programme tailored for experienced professionals seeking advanced cyber security skills to design secure IT systems. This specialised course is crafted to meet the unique demands of Systems Architects with a minimum of 3 years' post-qualification experience, providing a pathway to increase your expertise in the ever-evolving field of systems security.

Key Features:

  • Course Focus: Systems Architecture Security concentrates on imparting crucial cyber security skills necessary for the secure design of IT systems, aligning with the demands of contemporary professional landscapes.
  • No Final Exam: Emphasising continuous assessment, this course is structured to ensure a thorough understanding of the material without the pressure of a final exam.
  • Course Level: Designed at Level 9, reflecting a high degree of proficiency and specialisation in Systems Architecture Security.
  • Qualification: Upon completion, attain a prestigious Special Purpose Award, validating your expertise and proficiency in the domain. You can also choose to just do stand alone modules to obtain a Microcredential.
  • Online and Part-Time: Tailored to accommodate the demanding schedules of professionals, the course is offered in a flexible online and part-time format, allowing you to balance learning with your existing commitments.

Duration: 9 Months

Costs: Full rate €2,800 Skillnet subsidised rate €1,960

Award Type: Special Purpose Award (SPA); Micro Credentials individual module: Full Rate €700*/  €1400**- Skillnet subsidised rate €490*/€980**

Award Type: All modules = NFQ Level 9

Pathway Schedule:


**Secure Systems Architecture/Security Architecture: Jan-24 : 3 months

*Information Security Architecture: Sep-24 : 3 months

*Cryptography & Protocols: Sep-24 : 3 months

See the pdf below for more details

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