Sustainability in Tech -  Awareness Workshop for Senior Leaders

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Programme overview

Technology must become more sustainable, and industry must use technology to become more sustainable. This twofold approach will make businesses financially viable while returning environmental and social benefits.

This workshop is for senior leaders to better understand their roles and responsibilities in relation to sustainability. With new regulations and heightened demand for sustainability from customers and employees, senior leaders will need to be equipped to advise and guide their organisation. In the workshop we will unpack senior leaders' roles and responsibilities related to knowledge, governance, strategy, policies and reporting. You will develop an understanding of your role as a sustainability leader and gain insights into effective sustainability communications. In terms of governance, we will focus on transparency, reporting & disclosure of non-financial risks as well as risk management.  The workshop will also explore the role senior leadership members play in shaping corporate strategy which increasingly needs to reflect sustainability and be supported by policies and practices that transform businesses to deliver sustainability targets.


Who should attend?

Attendees should be on the SLT or a member of C-suite with executive powers within their organisation.


Workshop objectives

·      Insights into the attributes of High Impact Sustainability Leadership

·      Knowledge and understanding of climate science, policy and regulation

·      Insights into physical and transitional risks to your sector

·      Greater awareness of the need to integrate climate action into leadership responsibilities

·      An understanding of the need to work collaboratively to deliver results

·      An understanding of the opportunities and challenges of integrating climate into planning, decision making and budgeting

·      Insights into good governance to ensure transparency & oversight for reporting and disclosure

·      Insights into how to communicate effectively to inspire others to play their part



Workshop content

·      The national and global context for climate and sustainability.

·      The Climate Acton Plan and what it means for industry and the Techsector

·      The Sustainable Development Goals and the contribution of Tech

·      The role of Tech in creating positive social impact

·      Measuring, managing and reducing your carbon footprint

·       Circularity and the role of design and innovation in designing outwaste

·      Assessing risk and building resilience in the Tech Sector – from supply chain to recruitment and energy to stakeholder demands.

·      Strategic planning for the Tech industry with sustainability at its core

·      Compliance, regulation and reporting – getting ready for that freight train

·      Avoid greenwashing and improve communications by creating compelling, truthful narratives


 Training provider

 This workshop is being delivered by Change by Degrees

The facilitators are Dr. Tara Shine and Madeleine Murray

Dr. Tara Shine is co-Founder and CEO of the award-winning sustainability business, Change by Degrees.

Tara has advised world leaders, governments and civil society organisations on climate change, environmental policy and development assistance. Tara was formerly a climate negotiator at the UN and Special Advisor to the Mary Robinson Foundation - Climate Justice and Adviser to the Elders.  Tara is Chair of the Board of Trustees of the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) and co-facilitator of a science-policy dialogue under the UN Climate Convention.  She is a member of the faculty of the Global Leadership Programme for Women in Science, Homeward Bound.  Tara’s book ‘How To Save Your Planet One Object At A Time’ was published by Simon and Schuster in April 2020 and is a guide to sustainable living told through everyday objects.  Tara is a regular contributor to TV and radio and has presented TV programmes for the BBC, Channel 4 and RTE.

Madeleine Murray is co-founder and CEO of the award-winning sustainability business, Change by Degrees. 

Madeleine Murray spent six years in academia tutoring, teaching, writing and researching as an Archaeologist in the School of Archaeology UCD and the National Museum of Ireland.  She also worked for years as an Archaeological Manager in the private sector.  She is an expert in employee sustainability engagement, narrative crafting and messaging and is passionate about making complex information accessible, helping businesses to create and tell their sustainability stories.  Madeleine has a Diploma in UX Design making her the first Irish sustainability adviser to use sustainability and UX as a problem-solving tool for business.   

She was the winner of the 2020 Emerging New Business Award at Network Cork.  Madeleine is also a successful entrepreneur and businesswoman holding several company directorships, one of which was incubated on the High Potential Start-Up Course in The Rubicon Centre, C.I.T. 

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