Site Reliability Engineering Foundation

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Benefits for Organisations

Enhanced stability and reliability of services

Better understanding of how production services work

Increased balance between technical investment in reliability and customer experience

Greater appreciation of the operational impact of services in development teams

Improvements in staff morale and retention

Benefits for Individuals

Improved work balance with ring-fenced time for improvement

Less stressful on-call experiences and a reduction in overall call-out volumes

Broader skills-based capabilities that leverage the latest in automation

Improvement in workplace culture

Opportunities for “shifting left” and helping to ensure development teams deliver more reliable services

Target Audience

IT and business managers, directors, team leaders, stakeholders, software engineers, and anyone else seeking an understanding of Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) and how it relates to DevOps

DevOps practitioners who wish to specialise in site reliability engineering

Organizations wishing to incorporate the vocabulary, principles, concepts, and practices of Site Reliability Engineeringy

Anyone looking to pass the official SRE Foundation (SREF) examination

Course Content

• SRE Principles & Practices

• Service Level Objectives & Error Budgets

• Reducing Toil

• Monitoring & Service Level Indicators

• SRE Tools & Automation

• Anti-Fragility & Learning from Failure

• Organizational Impact of SRE

• SRE, Other Frameworks, The Future

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