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Programme Overview

The aim of the programme is to demonstrate to participants that the process of making a promotional video for their business is not too technical or too complicated, and to give them the confidence and the know-how to produce professionally looking videos that will increase their sales. The Profitable Videos Framework is a 5-module on-line coaching program delivered over 3 weeks: each weekly session lasts for 3 hours. It is a highly interactive training: participants do the work as they are learning the concepts and new skills. By the end of the programme participants will:
• have filmed, edited and promoted (online) 1 video
• know how to use their phone and their laptop to produce great sales videos for next to nothing
• know how to create content that will keep their audience watching, liking and sharing their videos
• have become skilled in editing their videos, adding captions, graphics and slides with ease.

• Wednesday 15th June10 am to 1pm
• Friday 17th June from 10 am to 1pm
• Wednesday 22nd June from 10 am to 1pm

Who is this programme for

The programme is for business owners, sales/ marketing managers and their staff who want to produce affordable professional looking videos for their businesses on their phone or laptop with ease. The Profitable Videos Framework will give participants the confidence and the know-how to produce professional looking videos that will increase their sales.

Course content

Week 1

Module 1: Create your video profits blueprint

Module 2: Breakthrough the Imposter Syndrome and the fear of being on camera

Key learning outcomes:

Why and how use video to establish yourself as an industry expert
How to overcome the imposter syndrome and the fear of being on camera
How to craft your ideal client profile
How to create content that sells and structure your videos
Why are client testimonials so powerful and how to film them

Week 2

Module 3: Master Your Professional Filming Skills with Your Smartphone

Module 4: Edit Your Videos with Ease

Key learning outcomes:
Get ready to shoot with your phone: learn insider industry secrets to make your videos look professional.
Realise that you already have the right equipment
Each participant will read their script (created during the previous session) and get feedback from the coach.
Each participant will film their video, under the coach supervision and learn how to edit their video

Week 3

Module 5: Market Your Videos and attract your ideal clients

Key learning outcomes:
Learn how to market your videos to attract your ideal clients
Learn where and how to post your videos: Introduction to LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.
Each participant will push their video on-line, on the relevant social media platforms for their business.

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