Exploratory Testing

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This course provides participants with an introduction to exploratory testing. It will allow for an overall evaluation of exploratory testing in the context of the organisation and its quality system, quality/ test policy and strategy. In addition, a key objective is to ensure participants can perform effective exploratory testing in practice.

Who Should Attend:

This course is aimed at those responsible for both managing and performing exploratory testing. It also addresses the use of exploratory testing in an regulated agile context. Those responsible for quality and agile test strategies as well as those interested in the auditing and regulatory aspects will benefit from the course. Participants may therefore include senior management/execs, project managers/leaders, product managers/owners, Scrum Masters, test managers/leaders,
quality managers, senior test personnel and test analysts, senior developers,
independent QA/audit/regulatory personnel.

Topics covered will include:

  • Fundamentals of testing
  • Fundamentals of agile testing
  • What is exploratory testing?
  • Session-based test management
  • Integrating exploratory testing into the test strategy and (test) plans
  • Exploratory and DevOps
  • Exploratory testing metrics
  • Complying with regulatory requirements (e.g. FDA Validation & CSA)
  • Additional approaches/examples
  • Exploratory testing – heuristics
  • WORKSHOP: Detail and practice of exploratory testing
  • Design Experiments

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