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Programme Overview    

This 8-week course enables you to think in a more powerful way about selling into the Technology industry, your role, the results you want to achieve and your prospects and customers. This course offers tools and techniques, exercises, and opportunities to evaluate your experiences for improved results. In this course, you will also benefit from learning from and networking with professional Business to Business (B2B) sales peers from outside of your organisation. This Micro-Credential is for individuals engaged in technology sales activities at any stage in their career. Graduates are certified, highly skilled sales professionals who experience transformative results and accelerate into the next stage of their careers.

Topics Covered:

• The importance of taking the perspective of the buyer

• Your customer's business issue and their buying cycle

• Individual and institutional motivations to drive collaboration and partnership with the customer

• Deal forecasting

• Asking tough questions to discover and uncover the information needed to close a sale

• Predictive Listening. Learning how to ask better questions and listen more intently and with purpose

• Transparency in sales. Understanding the level of clarity needed to know that a deal will be done

• Drive collaboration and build rapport with your stakeholder landscape

• Partnering with your prospect

Learning Outcomes        

• You will be able to evaluate the degree to which you understand the prospect's buying cycle, and how to use that information

• You will understand that there are seen and unseen motivations & related risks to a deal closing, and how to use this information in deal forecasting.

• You will have developed skills that will enable you to ask better questions to discover and uncover the information needed to close a sale

• You will be able to test your understanding of the likelihood, size, and timing of a deal.

•You will understand and appreciate that alignment between you and the prospect takes time and effort. You will acquire the skills to enable that relationship-building.

•You will have the skill to drive collaboration and partnership with the prospect and likely multiple stakeholders.

Target Audience              

This Micro-Credential is for individuals engaged in sales-related activities at any stage in their careers including Sales Representative, SDR, BDR, Account Manager, Customer Success and all Technology Sales roles.

Course Prerequisites      

Some experience in a Business to Business (B2B) sales environment is required to draw upon during course tasks. This course is delivered in the English language.


• Earn more: proven to drive higher sales results and account/transaction value which, in turn, drive higher earnings.

• Career Development: prepares you for the next stage of your career – giving you competitive advantage by developing the skills employers really want in their sales people today.

• Personal Profile & Credibility: graduates consistently report higher visibility, profile and credibility among colleagues and business leaders within and outside their organisation.

• Convenience: As an online solution, it provides you with truly personalised, self-directed and self-paced learning that you can enjoy anytime and anywhere – as and when suits you.

• Certification & CPD: For the first time, you have the opportunity to have your complex and sophisticated skills validated through a suite of global certification options – whether you are an early-stage sales careerist or updating tired, outdated sales skills as part of your Continued Professional Development.

• Trusted & Reliable Support: a Customer Success team is on constant standby to help you on every stage of your learning journey.  

Learning Support Available - While self-paced and self-directed, learners are guided by the Customer Success team through a scheduled 8-week programme that includes platform access, learning events, individual & group supports and work-based assignments. Micro-credential users get a 3-month subscription to the programme as well as constant support & guidance from the ESI Customer Success team.

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